This is a one day workshop which takes you through designing, transferring and stitching.

Programmed stitching is an area in our machines that we often forget. The photos attached best show what it is about.

It is a fun, easy one day workshop that really sets you free in  EASY creativity.

By the end of the day your A4 + size creation should be completed.

You can then make it up into your choice of covers and at your leisure eg. I-pad or tablet cover, a special journal or diary. A great gift for someone who is special to you.

A very economical exercise with your unique touch.


Price of workshop: A$65 ............

A kit can be ordered by request.

Workshop 6 Absolutely Truncated

Two day workshop.


This semi abstract workshop is based on using an object from nature (tree trunk), simplifying its form and creating a more artistic image.

Working with shape, texture, contrast and colour are key elements in the process.

Participants will work with a variety of fabric and yarns (as well as machine threads).

Techniques include applique, fabric manipulation to give texture, embellishment with yarn and free motion machining.

Participants may choose their own close up image from nature ( a tree trunk is suggested but not compulsory, OR you may choose to copy Lorraine's original design. (pattern will be available at the workshop)


Price of workshop: A$130 for 2 days

A kit can be ordered by request.


A one day workshop suitable for beginners to experienced quilters - a great way to develop your free free motion quilting skills.

This workshop aims at developing your skills and inspiration to do more in this wonderful field of incorporating photos into your projects.

Participants need to select their A4 size fabric printed photo from a selection of three or four pre-prepared manipulated photographs (see below). 

A demonstration of the preparation process for photographs will be shown at the start the day but there is insufficient time for participants to do their own photo preparation in the actual workshop.

Borders will be added (two techniques demonstrated) and a quilt sandwich prepared ready for immediate quilting. 

The printed photo is now enhanced with stitching and the background blended with free motion quilting.

The edges will be finished with binding.

Your own photo can be printed on prepared A4 fabric sheets before the class. ( You are also welcome to purchase one of mine.

I am happy to help with this process also prior to the class; OR I can manipulate your good quality photo for you.

A great workshop for your classroom or group.


Price of workshop: A$65 ............ or by arrangemnent

A kit can be ordered by request.