The two to 3 day workshop centres around ANY waterfall but it is necessary to bring your own waterfall inspiration, either a photo or picture. A hard copy and a photo on a USB stick is a pre-requisite..The waterfall illustrated is Crystal Falls, Dorrigo National Park and part of my large quilt "Reflections of Dorrigo National Park".

A combination of techniques of;

  • fabric painting,

  • creating fabric from  small fabric pieces using soluble film with free motion stitching,

  • appliquê, (raw edge appliquê on waterfall),

  • bobbin work

  • ink jet printing on fabric where and if appropriate.


Your machine must be equipped to do free motion stitching.

Lorraine will help manipulate and print a selected part of your

inspiration during the workshop. This can be incorporated as an appliquê section. ( or you may pre-prepare your own)

However, there is an additional cost  for the sheets of special

A4 fabric used in ink jet printing and for the ink.

Fabric paint will be provided but cost, if any will also depend on the size of your sky.

The piece illustrated is approx. 60cm x 45cm

                                                  24in x 18cm

Price: Please enquire.


The focus of this two day workshop is on:-

  • using silk fibres as a medium for the creation of sea or water

  • incorporating parts of photos to enrich landscapes

  • digital photo manipulation and printing on pre - prepared ink jet fabric sheets.

  • bobbin work

  • fabric painting

  • applique


Participants may create their own scene based on an inspiration of their choice of the sea, pond or lake. This may be from a photo / picture. OR participants may do Port Elliot  as illustrated. There are 4 sheets of fabric ink jet printing sheets used. A kit can be pre-purchased for the latter.


Price: Please enquire

A Two or Three Day Workshop

By the end of two days participants should have completed the top surface and attached both borders. Three days would allow enough time to start on the free motion quilting.

This has been one of my most popular workshops. Combined techniques will give you a unique creative experience and beautiful result.

You will be particularly guided in using the elements colour, colour value, line and contrast to give a unified and pleasing result.

Participants need to have 3 photos printed on fabric. See requirements list on registrationin this workshop.Choose photographs in a theme or that are part of your story.


Techniques include:

  • photo to fabric transfer using your ink jet printer (preparation prior to work shop). Contact Lorraine if you need help.

  • traditional colour wash

  •  ‘ribbon enhancement’ with free motion machine stitching  (the  latter technique demonstrated only on third day)

  • quilting, both free motion and 'ribbon' enhancement will be demonstrated


A follow up day is recommended but not essential.

Price: please enquire


Workshop 6


Wildflowers of Western Australia- sold

Windows of Pymble - an example using 9 photos - sold

Workshop 9 Colourwash Memories