I am a fully qualified Judge and Juror. I completed the very intensive two year British Quilt Judge Course BQJC) in November 2018 and am now a registered quilt judge. The Course included both Judging and being a Juror, also studying Art practice and exhibiting. The Course culminated at the Birmingham Quilt Festival. Living in Australia I am willing to travel overseas. 

I see myself primarily as a Textile Artist, Designer, Photographer and Tutor. My own work includes patchwork and quilting but with a more contemporary emphasis. 

Textile Art is my passion.

I have travelled extensively overseas and am guilty of taking up to 450 photos in a day. I would like to think that travel is reflected in some of my work. However, like so many others I need to live another 50 years to see my ideas come to fruition.

My background and training is in education.  I also have a degree in Behavioural Science through Macquarie University. I love to quietly observe the way people interact with one another.

I have recently joined SAQA, an international organisation based in the USA with members worldwide.




More recent Workshop Presentations have been for :-

  • Be Creative by the Sea

  • Pymble Ladies College,

  • Loretto Kirribili, and Mater Maria ( teacher's work shop)

  • Regional Groups such as Mildura, Weemelah, Moree, Newcastle ( Thorpe & Co)

  • Australian Textiles Artists and Surface Decoration ( ATASDA)

  • Newcastle Creative Embroiders and Textile Artists inc ( NCEATA)

  • Australian Sewing guild Inc ( ASG )

  • Southern Cross University ( teacher training)



An Ongoing Journey

Creation is as travel, we see things and accumulate them along the way, ultimately they form the sum of what we are now and are part of our expressive creations. Thus I find myself living at Moonee Beach, in my fifth home that I have planned and built (not to mention six other places I have lived as well). This one was to be my last but who knows. With the sound of the sea on one side and the distant hum of night traffic on the other, lovely light in the home and a sense of peace it is a place conducive to the essences of inspiration.


My yen to create here started in the garden, as it always does; often I take a break from stitching to wander through it, to meditate, heal and occasionally pull a few weeds, even to shift a plant or two.

It is a great feeling to have the time to devote to my textile artistry and being invited to hold several exhibitions has been a great motivator.


Along with this is a never ending joy in my photography and the wealth of material that nature and travel affords.

Years of full time teaching, from which I retired in 2010, has kept me very much in touch with learning and promoted an ongoing awareness that it is a wonderful life long and process that brings continual interaction with others, special friendships and immense pleasure.


After a very long career as a High School teacher I taught Textile Innovation at the Australian Catholic University. This was followed by an invitation to write the Textile Design unit and Textiles Science and Innovation unit for Southern Cross University teacher training. . 


My work has been published in "Down Under Textiles", and "American Patchwork and Quilting".