Snowy Mountaind National Park

This one was inspired by a walk on Christmas day from Charlottes Pass to Blue Lake. The snowgums, alpine flowers, threads of mountain streams, quiet (except for the arking cry of crows) and lonely path stretching in to the distance was what I wanted to capture. It now is home in Windsor, NSW.

Pier Group
This work is more 3D and textural than is depicted by photograph. Techniques used include shrink magic, bobbin work, free motion on a stocking base, applique and the actual inclusion of tiny real coral. My medium include silk fibres and fabric, rayon and cotton yarn of varying dimension, acrylic yarn and cotton fabrics.

Lake Macquarie Dreaming

This is one of my favourites and was inspired by just one rainy afternoon taking photographs on the shores of Lake Macquarie. This one sold at our "Two in Tango" exhibition and found its home in Shanghai.