Reflections of Dorrigo National Park - 153cm x 110cm; 60" x 44"



I have visited the rainforest of Dorrigo National Park so many times, taking photographs along the way. Its mood changes according to the rainfall and seasons. The cascading water, variety of fungi and animal life make this a fascinating place. My artwork is made up of four sections and all had to "marry" up on completion. It has been quilted twice. Firstly as individual pieces and then when it became a whole. the section on the right and along the bottom incorporate photographic manipulation. One section of the very pale fungi includes 3-D pieces which took a half day to make (thank you Ken Smith for showing me this method). My aim was to hopefully make the viewer feel that they could walk right in to any section.

The middle section was initially drawn up to size. There are many techniques used in this section including bobbin work, applique, overlay and free motion stitching on soluble film. The trunk in the left section is fabric pieced with additional batting. Thick unspun yarn is used for the vine.

This is my most complex work to date but was a joy to do.  STANTHORPE ART FESTIVAL FINALIST 2016

VIEWERS CHOICE Award in ART show Woolgoolga, NSW