Embellished Photography and Log Cabin


Number one is choosing a theme, number 2 is using only quality photos. Along with this is the right layout starting using maths, particularly if you are combining different sized photos.  See Doorways of France below and under Purchase Products. I then choose my fabric according to colour gradation and value. The combination of darks and lights that work is essential.

I love this technique so much that I have used it on several different wall art hangings.

A perfect way to remember those beautiful travel shots. 

The Nature of Tasmania.

Flavigney of France

An example of my manipulated photography with patchwork (log cabin technique) and quilting. The surrounding borders are toned from light to dark.

Free motion quilting adds emphasis and texture.

Photograph courtesy of Ian Smith.


Doorways of France


This was a joy to do once I had chosen which photos from my collection of 84. A lovely reminder of my trip to the entrancing countryside, towns and villages of France.

Some are mine and some courtesy of Ian Smith.

Sold, workshop and pattern available